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You Can Now Buy and Read Strangers’ Diaries on eBay

From a grilled cheese with the Virgin Mary’s face on it to air from a Kanye West concert, you can definitely buy some pretty out there stuff on eBay — but did you know that you can also find hundreds of written-in diaries on the site?


The diaries span from the 19th century or even earlier to today, written by people from all walks of life: railroad workers, mothers, soldiers, teenage girls, you name it. You can find diaries from countries all over the world, too. Usually found at garage or estate sales, these written-in diaries can get pretty pricey if bidding picks up, especially for the more vintage ones.


Vintage diary

Image via Video Blocks


One diary from 1937, currently listed for $26, follows a young mother’s life in the Depression era, and even includes stories about the mysterious disappearance and murder of a sixteen-year-old girl in her town. Another one, selling for a cool $3,500, was written in the 1860s by a Civil War Union soldier and details his experiences in battle. There are so many stories out there, each just as rich as the next. 


Is this super creepy or super cool? It depends on your perspective, but I think it’s a really interesting way to glimpse lives that are different from your own and see what life was like in another decade or even another century. The more recent authors are, for the most part, completely anonymous, so you would never know who wrote them. When else do you get the chance to get inside another person’s head like that? 


What do you think? Would you read a stranger’s diary?


Featured Image via Toronto Star