You Can Now Buy and Live In One of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Castles!

Most Game of Thrones fans have fantasized about living in a gorgeous castle like the ones we see on screen at least once, and now you can make that dream come to life… if you have £500,000 ($656,452) to spare.



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A large portion of Gosford Castle, which was a filming location that stood in for the Tully ancestral keep, Riverrun, has been listed for sale. While the price sounds very high to your average person, The Sun notes that it actually costs less than an apartment in a prime location.


The castle was built in the mid-1800s by the Earl of Gosford, and has changed hands frequently. It was commandeered by the government during World War II, when it was used as barracks for troops. A prisoner-of-war camp was also constructed on the site. After the war, it was sold to the Ministry of Agriculture, and for a few decades it served as a storage site for public records, with the surrounding estate being converted into a park. In the 70s it became barracks once again. In 1843, it was opened as a hotel, which failed. The owners allowed the site to fall into disrepair. 


The government regained control of the property in 2002, and were willing to sell it for a very low price, providing that the bidder also put forth a viable plan for the restoration of the castle, which was in terrible condition. It was purchased for £1,000, but an additional four million went into the restoration of the castle as twenty-three homes.



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The listing details, “The portion of the castle being marketed for sale at this point has been partially developed in places with a view to convert the space into six luxury apartments with each boasting an average space of 3,500sq ft and with some offering rooftop gardens.”


Whoever shells out had better dress warmly— the castle has no central heating!



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