X-Men’s Evan Peters Reportedly Appearing in ‘WandaVision’

Let’s dive into what we know about Disney Plus’ ‘WandaVision’; and so far Evan Peters’ QuickSilver is on the list.

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This isn’t a drill people, I repeat this is not a drill; X-Men’s Evan Peters is reportedly appearing in Disney Plus’ WandaVision. Now I gave you guys a heads up in my ‘Five Things We’re Dreaming of Seeing in Marvel’s WandaVision’, where one of my wishes was QuickSilver (click here to read that article). So if you didn’t listen me, you truly wound me. Granted, the QuickSilver I was looking for was Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but this is still a win.

Image via The Good in Comics

For those who don’t know Evan Peters played QuickSilver in the X-Men franchise; although WandaVision was scheduled to premiere December of this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic we should look out for a potential new (and later) premiere date. WandaVision plays a key role of laying the foundation for Doctor Strange’s sequel film, which Scarlet Witch is apart of. So no pressure. However, another reason this is major is because Wanda and Pietro are Magneto’s kids in the comics; but in the MCU they chose a different route with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (and then killing him). By introducing Evans we could possibly be getting the first indication of the mutants joining the MCU.

Comic Book says:

The report of Peters playing a role in WandaVision first came from Murphy’s Multiverse. The original report bills Peters as a “mystery role.” The official synopsis for the series suggests “everything is not as it seems.” Peters’ appearance in WandaVision will not be a major supporting role. He will appear in the series briefly.

Perhaps he appears in Wanda’s nightmares to torment her? Either way this sliver of information has me even more excited. Are you excited?

Featured image via comic book