Writers In a New York Airport are Writing Stories For Flyers

When I think of reading in airports I think of Dan Brown novels, the latest thriller book, and very limited options when it comes to deciding what to pickup at the terminal’s book and magazine shop. Writers Gideon Jacobs and Lexie Smith are about to change all of that. 


The two writers set up shop at what used to be a Hudson News kiosk in Terminal A of New York’s La Guardia Airport, offering flyers a writing nook stacked with books, decorated with wooden furniture and rugs, and adorned with a vintage typewriter. In their nooks, they’re writing short stories for fliers.


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Image Via The New York Times


The writing initiative, named Landing Pages, is a part of a residency program by the Queens Council on the Arts and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Jacobs and Smith are just two out of many artists who have taken up residency at the terminal, taking over for three months to experiment and share their mediums. 


To receive a story from the authors, passengers just have to provide their flight number and contact information. Jacobs and Smith then go to work while passengers are in the air, texting them their completed stories before they arrive at their destination. 


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Image Via Hyperallergic


Together, the duo write about six stories a day with a goal of completing fifty by the end of June. With the end goal in mind, they plan on compiling all the stories they’ve written and self-publish them in an anthology. Until then, all the stories they’ve written so far are available to read online


Featured Image Via The New York Post.