Writer of ‘Hamilton’ Inspiration Has New Book on Ulysses S. Grant!

When Hamilton first came out in April 2016, it created a spike in Broadway tickets and insane crowds that no one could’ve expected. Who knew hip-hop and American history could go so well together? Based on author Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton, the Broadway production has memorable lyrics by the multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda. 


Now, the historian Ron Chernow just released another successful biography on Ulysses S. Grant.



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In Grant, Chernow set out to correct any negative and conventional ideas about the former president and his leadership during a time of duress after the Civil War. In the 959 pages, he touches on every battle Grant fought in as well as his racism and struggle with alcohol. But we also get the story of Grant having Jefferson’s statue removed from the White House because he was a slave owner. 



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From his desire for any labor at a young age to his working class father, we get every detail we could ever be curious about and more. The cover shows a stoic image of Grant with a stern expression, dark hair, and a look that portrays something further from any explanation we could think of. Check out the New York Times review!


Will there be singing and dancing? No, not exactly. Will you be able to brush up on your history? Absolutely.


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