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Writer Finds Heart-Wrenching Note in a Stephen King Book

You may know Stephen King from one (or more) of his famous books like It or The Shining, but you might not know that he also wrote a memoir titled On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

One writer, Summer Anne Burton, picked up a copy of this personal work at a used bookstore. While Summer Anne was probably expecting somewhat of a departure from King’s typical, horror-inspired work, she most likely wasn’t expecting the heart-wrenching note she found on opening the book…


Note Found Inside King Book




The note reads as follows:

Anthony — Please listen to me! I want you to start a savings account. Anytime you have more to “spare” drop it in that account. Call it “my survival account.” Never use that money. Let it accumulate and not even in an emergency take from it — only add to it.

If someone had told me years ago that I would be living at the poverty level, I would have said “never!” Well I’m struggling to stay afloat and I have no one to blame but myself. As a matter of fact I saw this book at a resale shop, it cost 54 cents, it’s your birthday present. I love you!

— Grandma

Twitter had a lot to say (as usual), and people turned on the waterworks:



Twitter reacts to sad note



Anthony, if you’re reading this… call your grandma!