Would You Read This Book Grown from Grass?

Rothco is giving new meaning to “Leaves of Grass” with 10 | The Book That Grew, a book made entirely of grass and root stems.



Books may not grow on trees, but you can grow a book from the roots of individual blades of grass.

Rothco, a subset of the ad company Accenture Interactive, paired up with Allied Irish Bank and Ireland’s food and agriculture authority in 2017 to make a work of art that will inspire Irish farmers to practice sustainable agriculture.

Agriculture is already a major part of Ireland’s economy but climate reports show that farmers on a large scale need to significantly reduce their carbon footprints by releasing fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The result is an organic book — about as close to “organic” as a book can get — woven from carefully manipulated root systems.


Via Rothco


A German artist named Diana Scherer grew the book using plant root manipulation to shape every letter, line, and page of the grass-grown book. Even the ink and the binding of The Book That Grew are made from grass, according to Oddity Central.

Inside, the book’s form matches its function. The Book That Grew contains ten tangible lessons and ten pieces of practical advice to help farmers “maximize sustainability and increase profitability,” according to Rothco’s website. Following this advice would in theory allow farmers to rotate their crops ten times a year for a production of ten tons of grass, per hectare.



In this instance, the medium truly was the message: our book was grown from the very grass that Irish farmers nurture, with each page, each word, and each diagram shaped by real grass roots as they grew.



Via Rothco


Not only did Scherer create the world’s first book made entirely of grass, but the book functions as a book is supposed to function and gives legible and practical advice to anyone willing to leaf through the pages.

The official name of the artwork is 10 : The Book That Grew. The book will follow AIB around Ireland at AIB-partnered events, according to Rothco’s website, like the National Ploughing Championships.




Featured Image Via Rothco.