Book cover and author Tobias Anthony

Would You Name Your Baby “Insta?”

Know any lovers of the obscure, any mustachioed cyclists, any beanie-wearing coffee connoisseurs who are expecting a baby? We have the perfect gift.


Australian author Tobias Anthony has brought out a book entitled ‘Hipster Baby Names: Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Names For Your Kid‘ with 322 hilarious names, including everything from Latte to Insta. 



Tobias Anthony

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The book offers amazing options, from laugh out loud tongue-in-cheek names to actually genuinely kind of cool ones. 


Anthony said that when his friends in Melbourne began to have children, traditional names just no longer cut the mustard. He told Popsugar:


“It seems like Kate or Jane or Thomas or James are no longer the acceptable options for children’s names anymore. I’ve been somewhat bombarded by the omnipresent hipster baby name. When you find yourself cornered at a party by an old friend who is genuinely insisting that Lavender would make a good name for a baby girl, what else are you meant to do but write a book?”



Cover for Hipster Baby Names

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Various species of name crop up throughout the book including the names of food and drinks beloved of hipsters like Latte, Kale and Soy, and also Harry Potter inspired names since the kids who grew up in time with the books have started having children themselves! The book suggests Lavender, Neville and Godric.


Featured Image Courtesy of Popsugar