Worn out Books and Why We Love Them

We all know that there is something special about books. They are more than just the stories they hold or the lessons they teach. They hold a special place in our minds and our hearts. When we read a book that really moves us, that moment in time is solidified, and every time we go back to that book, we are rewarded with endless memories.

Not to mention, reading a book for the second, third, or even fourth time, usually leads to some new discovery. It might be because we interpret certain things differently as we get older. Maybe we finally realize what the author was really trying to say. Either way, a book is a gift that keeps on giving.

Each tear, rip, and blurry note comes together to represent the book’s own life experience. When a book is handed down amongst friends, family, and strangers, the book takes on a whole new feel. Now you have the experience of not only the writer’s thoughts, but the thoughts of other readers.

Nothing excites me more, in the world of reading, then finding some notes dated back 20 years or more. A person from another generation, perhaps in their youth, writing down how the book made them feel, or what they thought was bad or good about a scene.

Some disagree, some believe that books should kept in pristine condition. In my opinion, if you really want a pristine book you can always buy another one. Books are meant to be dug into, made a mess of, and written all over. Share the space in which the author used to write their story, and pass over the collected thoughts of other readers as you absorb the life changing material. 


Featured image courtesy of Call of the Siren