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World’s Largest Publishers Targeted by Unusual Phishing Scam

The Bookseller reports that a number of the world’s leading publishing houses and literary agencies, including Penguin Random House and Pan McMillan, have issued a warning about a recent influx of phishing scam emails, aiming to procure sensitive information such as “manuscripts, user IDs, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, W-2s [US tax forms] and/or wire transfers”. 


Last Wednesday, just ahead of the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Penguin Random House issued a warning to staff, under the subject line “Important: New Phishing Alert”: 


We have recently seen an increase in attempts to steal our manuscripts. This has occurred in multiple locations across the globe. The individuals attempting to access these manuscripts have a sophisticated understanding of our business. We need to protect ourselves from these threats.


The individuals behind the scam make contact using spoofed email addresses that appear to be from reputable sources, and purport to be literary agents and foreign-rights staff. Allegedly one of those impersonated is Catherine Eccles, the owner of London-based literary agency Eccles Fisher. Eccles has stated she suspects that “someone with knowledge of our industry and who we work with” is responsible for the scam.



Featured Image Via The Daily Dot