World Book Day: Costume’s Coming To A Unexpected Halt

Very popular World Book Day celebrations and dressing up are coming to an end in schools all around the United Kingdom. Continue reading to learn more!

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Students dressed in costumes.

World Book Day is a holiday that is looked forward to by many students across the United Kingdom and the world each year. Celebrated on the first Thursday of March in the U.K., students dress up as their favorite character from a book to participate. The tradition started in 1997 and has been going strong since — until recently, when some schools in the United Kingdom have put an end to the costume celebration.

Why the stop?

According to The Guardian, schools have put an end to dressing up for World Book Day due to the cost of living crisis. Traditionally, schools would have asked students to buy costumes in order to join in on the fun, but now they are encouraged to dress up in pajamas or comfy clothing instead, saving parents money and time.

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Emma Keogh, deputy headteacher of Pleasant Street Primary School in Liverpool, commented on the tradition, saying, “We are conscious that costumes can be a huge expense for parents, especially if they have more than one child.” She also acknowledged that families may not have the time or materials to make their own costumes. For this, her school will also encourage students to wear pajamas for World Book Days.

A Message from the WBD Exec

World Book Day chief executive Cassie Chadderton said the charity has been encouraging schools to think about their school community and the changes they can make to ensure it’s more inclusive. By allowing students to dress in more comfortable clothing or pajamas, they’ll be able to still feel like a part of the event.

While most schools around the United Kingdom are encouraging a more laid-back look for World Book Day, they are, of course, still giving students the option of wearing a costume if they are able to. All students are also given book vouchers that can be exchanged for a book.

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