Wonder Woman Confirmed as Queer

It’s official. Wonder Woman writer, Greg Rucka, confirmed yesterday that our beloved DC patriot is indeed queer, adding “I don’t know how much clearer I can make it!” Apparently some of us are more dense than Rucka would like to think…

But then again, there is valid reason to assume that she is not queer. Let’s not forget that prior to the Wonder Woman rebirth, which rose to popularity over the summer, diversity was a relatively foreign term to comic book industry. We’ve definitely seen a bloom in new trope-breaking characters recently, but Rucka will have to forgive us if our minds are still amuck with skepticism.

…Although Wonder Woman’s upbringing on an island of women made even the novice comic reader wonder…(image courtesy of DC)

But now, thanks to Rucka’s confirmation, we no longer have to guess and gamble. His reveal, however, came with some cautioned critique for other writers.

As his first priority as a writer, Rucka’s job is to create circumstances and traits that serve the character – not media pleas to pull marginalized groups into the genre. In his interview with Comicosity, Rucka critiqued authors that pull the diversity card simply for the sake of doing it. Often times, he argues, this can feel out of left field or like easy bait to lull in new readers. “For my purposes, that’s bad writing,” says Rucka. “That’s a character stating something that’s not impacting the story.” Luckily for Wonder Woman (and the frenzied Twitter community) the character’s queerness made sense and fit seamlessly into the long genealogy of the character.

The reboot-reveal is also a timely one, as we’ll soon be seeing director Patty Jenkin’s take on Wonder Woman hit the silver screen this June! 

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Featured image courtesy of Girl on Comic Book World