‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Eyes Possible 2021 HBO Max Release

It’s no breaking news that this horrific pandemic has taken a bulldozer to the movie theater industry and wreaked havoc upon every blockbuster 2020 had in store. To put in plainly: 2020 wasn’t a good year if you had a cape or wore spandex. So it comes at no surprise that with six weeks to it’s Christmas release date, Warner Bros. is seriously reconsidering Wonder Woman 1984 theatrical debut. To stream or not to stream; that has become the recurring question for movie junkies in 2020. So sit tight and let’s unravel everything we know.



Image via slashfilm


Now currently Warner Bros. is debating whether to push back the highly anticipated sequel to Summer of 2021 or giving it a January HBO Max release. With rapid spikes of Covid-19 around the country, Wonder Woman 1984  dropping on the streaming platform is becoming more of a reality. This would also create major traction for the streaming platform whose been trailing behind it’s competitors; as a result providing numbers like Hamilton did for Disney + or The Old Guard for Netflix. However, even with those factors at hand you still can’t count out the possibility of seeing WW1984 in theaters. Director Patty Jenkins states: “We just don’t know what the course of COVID is going to be like”. With a Warner Bros. representative echoing her statement saying: “WW84’ will be in theaters”.

Are you excited for WW1984? Which release do you prefer?