Woman Reads Books to Soothe Shelter Dogs

Sandy Barbabella lost her four-legged best friend several years ago. Instead of mourning the loss of her beloved pet, she decided to return the lover her dog gave to her- to other dogs.


Almost every week, Barbabella arrives at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society with an armful of children’s books and heads straight for the kennels. With a soothing voice, she calmly visits each dog and reads them a chapter or two.


She caught the attention of Reddit user puglife123 who posted this photo that made the world cry real tears:


woman reading

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This is perfect for dogs who have been abandoned or abused who need positive human interactions in order to gain trust and form human bonds. Barbabella’s presence soothes the pups and reassures them that humans can take care of them. In turn, such adorable dogs will be more appealing to adopters.


And not to mention, it’s mind-meltingly precious. We applaud this woman for wanting to make a difference through books!


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