the Witch house

Witches, Get Ready! Beverley Hills Witch’s House Brought Back to Life for Halloween

You might recognize it as the house past which Cher trials miserably on her way home from retail therapy in Clueless, but the Beverly Hills ‘Witch’s House’ was originally built in 1921 as the set for the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ movie. The house at 516 Walden Drive fell into disrepair and was a popular spot for risk takers to seek out ghosts. Now it’s being resurrected just in time for Halloween! 


Witch's House in Clueless

Cher trials miserably past the Witch’s House on her way home from retail therapy in Clueless. / Via iamnotastalker


Real estate agent Michael J. Libow bought the property, the only one of its kind in the 90210 zip code, and started renovating the ‘Witch’s House’ to restore it to it’s former glory. He said:


The concept in the home was to make it as organic as possible to the ground, everything looks as if it just sprung out of the ground, almost like a volcanic eruption.


Apparently, Libow spared no expense making sure the house is perfect from top to bottom. He plans to live there for the rest of his life. He is also making Halloween a day to remember on Walden Drive again and will allow visitors. 

‘I plan to carry on the tradition,’ Libow said, ‘but because I don’t do well in drag, I do not dress up as a witch on Halloween.’


Featured Image Via Experience Los Angeles