Winter is Here: 2016 Has Been a Year

George R.R. Martin is very familiar with tragedy, as any reader or watcher of Game of Thrones would know. And even he is taken aback at how bad 2016 has been. In his recent blog post “A Bad Year Gets Worse,” he mourns the death of actress Carrie Fisher and writer Richard Adams

There is not much I can say about the death of Carrie Fisher that a thousand other people have not said already. She was way too young. A bright, beautiful, talented actress, and a strong, witty, outspoken woman. Princess Leia will live as long as STAR WARS does… probably forever… 

He’s right, her legacy, along with the many other great talents we lost in 2016 will go on forever. For Martin, the death of Adams hit a little too close to home. 

Adams was not ‘one of us,’ in the sense that he was never a convention-goer or part of our genre fantasy community, which may be why he was never honored with a life achievement award by the World Fantasy Convention. Nonetheless, he deserved one. I’ve been suggesting him for that honor for at least twenty years… in part because I wanted to meet him. Now I never will. That’s sad 


The best thing we can do now is remember them and cherish the work they left behind for us to enjoy.


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