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Winnie the Pooh is UKs Favorite Character

It’s a battle of decades: the pudgy bear with the munchies versus the boy who lived. In any real battle, especially a thumb war, Harry would crush the sleepy bear any day of the week. But when it comes to polling favorites, Pooh has Potter beat. In a recent UK poll, Winnie the Pooh was voted favorite childhood book character over Harry Potter and a handful of others.


Image courtesy of Lady Poppins

Before your blood begins to boil, let me just say I’m a Potter fan too. I grew up reading the books and listening to the books on tape in our purple family minivan. Between my mom’s cries to put on “Now That’s What I Call the 80’s” and my dad’s ardent plea for Steely Dan, I always chose Harry Potter. That being said, amidst the swath of J.K. Rowling news that weighs down my news feed on the daily, it’s a pleasant surprise to see another beacon of my childhood emerging top dog.

There’s tons of reasons for Pooh to be the pick: Prince George getting a cameo in Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal Birthday being only one of many. Above all other reasons, he’s been a lurking childhood favorite for decades. Not in an unsettling way, like Grimm Brother’s fairy tales, but in a comforting role that only a pantless bear could fill. Pooh Bear’s been with us since the 60’s and his crew of friends has been just as timeless.

Image courtesy of Time.

According to the survey of 1,200 readers – all of whom read at least once a week – Pooh was the top choice, followed by Harry Potter, George from the Famous Five, Bilbo Baggins, and last but not least, Roald Dahl’s Matilda. When asked why respondents picked one character over another, roughly 45% said they based their choice on the characters’ ‘adventurous nature’, and over a third said theirs was based on personal growth gained from a character. The other third said their choice fell to the character that “felt like a good friend.” All in all, Pooh appears to be a well rounded character –he’s a model for self-love, a good friend to Piglet and the chronically depressed Igor, and definitely curious if not adventurous.

The survey was given by the Reading Agency: an organization that urges kids to read more and fall in love with new characters. This summer, the Reading Agency is promoting its Summer Reading Challenge, which so far has drawn over 750,00 kids, not to mention a little heat for the list’s lack of creativity.

Here are the final results, ranking the characters in order of popularity:



Harry Potter

George, The Famous Five

Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit


Lucy, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Cat in the Hat

Spot the Dog

Charlotte, Charlotte’s Web

Tracey Beaker

Mog, Meg and Mog

Babar the Elephant

The Little Prince

Arrietty, The Borrowers

Willie, Goodnight Mister Tom

Stanley, Flat Stanley

Babe, The Sheep Pig

Lyra, Northern Lights

Grace, Amazing Grace

Hannah, Gorilla


Who’s your fave? 

Featured image courtesy of The Guardian.