Will We Ever Know the History of Toni Topaz?

Toni Topaz waltzed into the Riverdale world in Season two. From the moment she stepped on screen she caused some controversy, since she came in between everyone’s favorite ship, Betty and Jughead. Then all was well when Toni fell in love with the HBIC, Cheryl Blossom. Now Choni, is a ship all of their own, and as much as the fans love them together, they would still like to know the backstory of Topaz.


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In season two, we got to meet her grandfather, and then in season three we got a little snippet, during an argument with Cheryl. Toni revealed her uncle kicked her out when she came out as a lesbian, and that’s when the serpent became her family. That’s all we know so far, and according Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, the show’s creator, we will definitely be getting some backstory to Toni, but right now the first half of season four will be on Cheryl and the fact that she has the dead body of her twin brother now. So, unfortunately Toni has to wait a bit longer. Fingers crossed for the next half of season four!

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