Will Natalie Dormer be in The Witcher?

Yes, I would gladly let Marjorie Tyrell kill me. And honestly, I’d let Irene Adler kill me too. Now, it seems the Game of Thrones star may be working on the second season of The Witcher. It’s really only a theory at the moment, but Wiki of Thrones says she’s been seen horseback riding near the Season 2 filming. So it’s not official.

It’s time I confess: I haven’t watched The Witcher yet. I’m excited, I really am, but it came out during midterms and I still haven’t recovered from finals. I’m weak.



If you’ve not seen Dormer in Elementary, you’re missing out, and not just because of her. Watson is played by Lucy Liu. It’s a spectacular series.

You may also know Dormer from the historical series Tudors, in which she played the unfortunate second wife of Henry IIX, Anne Boelyn (beheaded).


Showtime s The Tudors is addictive fun | Anne boleyn, Tudor ...
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I’m not saying Tudors is what made me gay, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

Obviously we don’t know who Dormer would be playing in The Witcher, since her participation hasn’t even been confirmed, but I know I’m watching regardless.

We can cross our fingers for an announcement soon, but until then, you can always catch up on some of Dormer’s other work.

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