Real-life 'Notebook'

Wife Writes Real-Life ‘Notebook’ for Alzheimer’s-Stricken Husband

How do you react when your partner is diagnosed with a devastating illness? It’s something that many people face, and some create amazing ways to help both themselves and their loved ones cope. When Willa Robinson and her husband, Vernon, were told that Vernon had Alzheimer’s Disease, the 68-year-old publisher responded the best way she knew how: by writing a book.



Robinson, the founder of Knowledge Power Books—an independent publishing company dedicated to producing inspirational books for people of all ages—was already working on the book as a fifty-first-anniversary gift to her husband when they received the bad news.


When the doctor gave us a final diagnosis, it really hit us,” she said. Robinson was forced to stop working on the book for nearly a year but eventually returned to the project. This time, she came at the book with the goal of creating a tool that allows Vernon to physically hold on to memories of friends, family, and their life together. 52 Ways to Love My Man, published in time for their fifty-second anniversary, contains 26 stories from family and friends and 26 stories from Willa about good times with Vernon. “I usually go through it every day — a section at a time I read,” said Vernon, 78. “It brings back a lot of memories and different experiences and different people in the book. It’s real nice.”


Though she wrote 52 Ways to Love My Man to help her husband specifically, Robinson said she hopes it can help other couples dealing with the ravages of Alzheimer’s and memory loss. A portion of the book’s proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Featured image courtesy of BCNN1.