“Wicked” Director Stephen Daldry No Longer On Board For Film Adaptation

We can’t all fit on the back of a broomstick, right? The long-awaited film adaptation of Wicked—the smash hit musical based on Gregory Maguire’s bestselling take on what happened in the land of Oz—is now director-less.
Daldry’s split with the upcoming film’s production team is reportedly amicable, having to do with logistical creative differences rather than musical-worthy drama. Allegedly, the studio was looking to move the production along quicker than Daldry felt comfortable with, and there were complications with stage space availability in London that made it impossible to film there—a production detail Daldry felt was important.

London not being for everyone, via Pinterest

Universal is, therefore, now in the market for a new director—a morsel of news that may be worth savoring for big names everywhere. Sources report that when Wicked first began its journey towards the big screen, directors such as Ryan Murphy, Rob Marshall, JJ Abrams, and James Mangold were among the folks to put a hand in. Additionally, there is talk of Steven Spielberg possibly hopping on the train to the Emerald City post-West Side Story wrap. Since Wicked has gone from a pushed production date (December 2021) to becoming undated altogether (we have COVID-19 to thank for that), those of us who support the Animals will just have to wait.