Why You Should Love Your Local Library

What can I say about how awesome libraries are that you don’t already know? They are home to books, possibly the most universally loved thing in the entire world. Have you ever heard of somebody arguing that books don’t make you smarter? That they don’t make you wiser or that they make you lazy? Nobody makes these arguments because they are so clearly not true.

Let’s think of this on a bigger scale. One of the biggest problems we face as humans is ignorance. Even going back to our primal roots as hunters and gatherers, if you were ignorant about what to eat or where to sleep, you and your tribe would simply die. Now that we live in an urbanized world, ignorance no longer means death, it simply means a life of quiet desperation.

This is my theory as to why we love reading so much, and why libraries are so important. They actually provide us an advantage to living better, healthier, lives- both physically and mentally. Not just any kind of reading, but diverse reading. Reading only to feed your bias is like binge eating after exercising. Yes you are exercising, but you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs to grow. In the same sense reading only helps you if you read the good material.

The fact that libraries provide these diverse knowledge bombs for free is the real kicker here. That is what makes them different from just another book store. As long as libraries exist, no matter how bad your finances are, you will always have access to a good book, a book that may change your entire life. Just remember to turn your books in on time!

Libraries give us a chance to be better: to be smarter, more empathetic, and more successful. And I haven’t even mentioned the feeling of a library. The potential energy that surges though you as you walk by rows and rows of literature, the endless possibilities, the worlds upon worlds of chaos, love, suffering, and triumph. As long as libraries exist, every human being has access to the best, and worst, ideas our species have ever devised. And this is why I love them.


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