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Why We Can’t Get Enough of Judy Blume

If you payed attention in grade school or were a total bookworm during your childhood, you probably know the name Judy Blume. She features on many back to school reading lists, as well as being a favorite of young adult readers the world over. Judy is a complete icon, who has produced plethora of classics for a bunch of children and pre-teens alike.



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Judy Blume quickly shot to fame because her books taught lessons about sex, love, friendships and family. She has impacted many people with her words for almost fifty years and counting. Her first book The One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo was published in 1969 after a long span of rejections, and she released one more book, Iggie’s House before finally gaining acclaim with Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret in 1970.  Blume broadened the understanding of female adolescents by providing audiences with brilliant representations of teenage girls in her work. 



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In an interview with New York City, Strand Bookstore Judy Blume says her favorite childhood book was Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans and was the first book she bought for her daughter when she was born. Blume has gone on to collected well known awards such as Young Adult Literary Prize from the Chicago Tribune, The McGovern Award and Medal of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters Award. She ahs also received an honorary doctorates from Harvard. 


Tiger Eyes was adapted to film by her son Lawrence Blume in 2012, and sold over 85 million copies in over a dozen different languages. Even though she’s eighty-years-old she’s pretty tech savvy and extremely funny on twitter, so don’t be afraid to tweet her @judyblume.  



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