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Why ‘Sex Criminals’ Is the One Comic Book You Should Be Reading

Sex Criminals is way less violent than it sounds. It’s definitely bombastic, wry, and provocative, but it’s also got a gentle soul. The premise is a guy and a girl discover they can stop time when they orgasm. They use this ability to rob banks. I’d say you’d do the same, but I don’t know you and I know I wouldn’t do that. I’d be too scared.


Sex Crims cover

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Still, it’s a remarkably relatable book. Fraction and Zdarsky try in earnest to accurately and lovingly represent almost any imaginable variant of gender and sexuality. Speaking to Book Riot, Fraction said:


From my perspective, I think the book speaks to the feeling of being alone and being unique and being unlovable and unfuckable, unwantable and undesired—everyone’s suspicion that, deep down, you’re a weird monster that no one’s going to get….We even met someone at a show last weekend who said they’d never heard the word asexual before and they said, “Oh that’s me.”


Although it’s a book about sex and robberies, it’s really a book on inclusivity and open-heartedness. It’s at times challenging, but Fraction and Zdarsky’s slightly askew POV on sex always makes you feel understood.


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Also, it’s funny. / Image Via Image Comics


The collected fourth volume of Sex Criminals drops on October 3rd, and it’s aptly titled ‘Fourgy.’ Order it here. You need it in your life.

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