Why Reese Witherspoon Turns to Books First

Reese Witherspoon said on The Daily Show that books offer better representation for women than movies or TV shows, and her production company is working to bring more women onstage.

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Reese Witherspoon prefers books to any other medium in terms of their depiction of the female experience, she revealed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress and producer noted that “there’s a better spectrum of female experience,” she said, encouraging female creators looking for ideas to find inspiration in books because film and TV offerings are more likely to underrepresent or misrepresent women’s narratives.


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Witherspoon is trying to change that.

Early in her acting career, Witherspoon was often the only female actor on set. She understands why women felt unsafe then, and why they still do, today, inside the acting world but especially outside of it.

When Witherspoon first started working on Season One of HBO’s Big Little Lies, she was shocked by how relieved she was to be working with supportive women. “We would marvel at the fact that we actually had lines and scenes with each other,” Witherspoon said about working with her colleagues, Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, and other talented female artists.

Witherspoon said that as a mother, she does not want her daughter watching the types of movies or TV shows that Witherspoon herself would have turned down because of the way the writing portrays women.

One of her attempts to counter this massive imbalance in media is Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine, which focuses on celebrating stories about women, by women, in all forms — from podcasts to exclusive author interviews, and everything in between.


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Witherspoon is building momentum, and knows just where to go when she needs ideas: books about women. “[I] started buying books and turning them into TV shows,” she said. “I read a lot of books.” Now, Witherspoon even runs a “book club” out of Hello Sunshine called Reese’s Book Club, which she uses as a platform to praise her recent reads, some of which might inspire the next hit show.

The stories Witherspoon chooses to tell through Hello Sunshine are about women and are created by women, but they are meant for everyone.



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