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Why Pay Your Rent When You Could Buy Bob Dylan’s Signed Nobel Lecture!

If you didn’t know (I didn’t), Bob Dylan was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. Between Dylan being a literal rock star and the normal influx of interest in newly awarded Nobel Laureates’ work, one publisher is counting on the hype and being very presumptuous with their pricing.


Yesterday, Simon & Schuster released a special edition of Dylan’s twenty-three page Nobel lecture, with one hundred signed and numbered hardcover copies available for the low, low price of $2,500. Which, if you do the math like I did, ends up being a measly $108.70 per page. Next-day shipping is included and I’m not sure if I’m surprised by that or not.


The lecture is also available as a much more mundane $16.99 copy, for those who don’t have the extra $2483.01 lying around for Bob Dylan’s autograph and the pretty packaging.


Nobel Prize Winner Bob Dylan

Image Via Brooklyn Vegan


Dylan won the Nobel Prize in October of 2016 and did not attend his award ceremony, which was held in December. The Nobel Foundation released his acceptance speech on June 5th, as the speech must be delivered within six months of the ceremony for the honoree to receive their cash prize (about $900,000).


Talk about cutting it real close, Bob.


Dylan’s speech touches on his major influences, musicians including Buddy Holly and Leadbelly, and books “that have stuck with me ever since I read them way back in grammar school,” including Moby Dick, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Odyssey


And in a hilarious and absolutely relatable turn of events, Andrea Pitzer of Slate suggested that Dylan’s analysis of Moby Dick originated from SparkNotes. Gotta give a shoutout to the 76-year-old rock star because not only did he not even show up to his own ceremony where he would be awarded almost a million dollars, but he less than half assed his acceptance speech, which in turn is now being sold for more than double my rent.


Now that’s what I call rock and roll.


Featured image via The Key