Bentley's $200k+ release

Why Not Flaunt Your Wealth With Practical 66-Pound, $256k Book?

Culturally, we all recognize the significance of a flashy status symbol—even if we don’t exactly understand the point. These ostentatious displays of wealth are so important to some that they might be willing to get stranded in a Hunger Games battle for damp mattresses and untoasted cheese sandwiches. Others opt for Insta-worthy gold rolling papers (though these, of course, are just as tragically destined to go up in Fyre). There’s a difference between a splurge and a status symbol: an expensive skincare product is usually for self-pampering, not for bragging about. (Let’s take a moment to imagine: “check out my new pore-smoothing cream! Could you STILL hide the Crown Jewels in my pores, or do you think just a mood ring would fit?”) A status symbol is for the world to see—more specifically, for the world to see that you, not-so-humble-you, can afford a $185 paperclip. So, good luck carrying your 66-pound Bentley heritage book.


What $200k+ looks like, apparently

Image Via Forbes


Bentley, the luxury car manufacturer, has entitled its beast of a centenary release 100 Carat, a tasteful allusion to the 100 carats of diamonds that adorn the cover. Technically, the amount of diamonds you get is flexible based upon your price range: the Centenary Edition for $3.8k; the Mulliner Edition for $16k; and, of course, the Rich Bitch Edition for the aforementioned price.

So, what do you actually get when you purchase one of these books, besides the lingering dread that nothing, not even this, will be able to fill the emptiness inside? Besides diamonds. The 100-Carat Edition, of which only seven copies exist, gets you 100 carats of diamonds that you can’t wear as jewelry. The Mulliner Edition gets you fifty-six hand painted watercolors and rubber from the tires of a winning racecar. The Centenary Edition, of course, gets you the privilege of owning a four-thousand-dollar book.

Most people would agree that the purpose of a book, if not to document a historic or artistic period, is to inspire considerable thought and deep emotional responses. In that manner, this book has succeeded where many ambitious literary works have failed. Considering Bentley’s release, we’re left with a number of probing questions: who are these people? What do they do for a living besides (probably) yelling at waitstaff and spending $500 on a Saint Laurent white tee-shirt? And why purchase something too heavy to even properly take up a seat on public transit during rush hour—isn’t that what Louis Vuitton bags are for?




Featured Image Via Cnet.