Why Netflix is Successful

Are you interested in how a company rises up from its humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar company years later? If you are, look no further! Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings just wrote a new book about the unorthodox culture behind the workplace at Netflix.


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His book, No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, set for release May 12, describes his philosophy and management principles – fostering a culture where adequacy is looking down on and people were fired for being “just ok.” However, those that are fired for their average work received pretty big severance.


Hastings’ new book draws upon hundreds of interviews with current Netflix employees and also includes never-before-seen stores from his career, according with the publisher, Penguin Press.


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According to an article from Variety, “Hastings’ book makes the case that Netflix’s employment practices have afforded it “flexibility, speed, and boldness”.” It’s certainly questionable that the company expects the best work from its employees with no guarantee that they’ll be there long-term. An interesting read shows how ex-employees complain about the very culture that Hastings says brought Netflix way up.


If you’re still interested in Netflix’s rise to success and Hastings’ story, you can get his book on Amazon in the link above.


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