Why Jessica Davis’ Hair Changes on ’13 Reasons Why’

Since the premiere of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, Jessica Davis is one of the many characters that we’ve been rooting for. At least you have if you read the book, if not then in the first couple of episodes you just know Jessica as the ex friend to Hannah Baker, the girl who killed herself and Jessica just happens to be one of those reasons. However, as the season goes on we learn more about Jessica and how she and Hannah shared a similar experience of sexual assault by a classmate.


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If you are unfamiliar with the show, then you should know the show started out being about Hannah Baker, a young girl who committed suicide due to bullying and she records the thirteen reasons why she did It. She sends the recordings out to the thirteen people on the tapes and that leads to a chain of revelations. One of them being the rape of Jessica Davis by Bryce Walker, which Jessica was unaware of due to her being intoxicated, but Hannah happened to be in the closet during this ordeal and didn’t do anything to stop it. As season two rolls around Jessica is still coping with the assault and is trying to get justice, and then in season three, which premiered back in August, Jessica is taking a stand and refusing to be a victim any longer.


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According to Alisha Boe, the actress that portrays Jessica, Jessica isn’t blaming herself for her assault any longer and in order to portray herself as a survivor and not a victim her hair had to change. In the first two seasons you see Jessica with her hair parted down the middle, now you see her with various different hairstyles, including some gold cuffs in some episodes that are kind of like her armor. The goal of the change was to show the audience that she was taking control of her narrative and moving forward. Jessica has definitely changed throughout the three seasons, we can only imagine how strong Jessica will be in the fourth and final season which is currently in production. For now, you can stream the first three seasons on Netflix.



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