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Why I Unfollowed J.K. Rowling on Twitter

The more J.K. Rowling tweets, the more annoyed I get with her. Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter. Love it, binged it, revisit it every so often. But all these little extra pieces of info Rowling spouts via her Twitter are really ruining it for me. 


When asked if there are any Jewish students in Hogwarts:



There’s just one. And he’s stereotypically named, and never mentioned in any of the 4,224 pages of the series. And it’s the same thing with Dumbledore’s sexuality. I’m all for a pivotal, respected character to be a part of the LGBT community, but why only disclose it after the series wraps?


Oh yeah, and then not include that information in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel. For someone who calls themselves an ally of the LGBT community, Rowling sure isn’t representing the community well.


Then there’s her defense of Johnny Depp, despite the allegations surrounding his divorce. Though allegations probably (definitely) isn’t the right word to use. 


And of course, there’s this mess with Lavender Brown:


Lavender Brown whitewashed

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I’m not the only one annoyed by the iconic author. Entertainment Weekly has an entire column, aptly called “This Week in J.K. Rowling”. The New York Post begs Rowling to “Stop Ruining Harry Potter.” Others worry about Rowling “falling into the same trap as Star Wars‘ George Lucas” with ex post facto plot announcements like there are Jewish students at Hogwarts (but no Wiccans), Hogwarts tuition is free, and an American wizarding school. 



Following J.K. Rowling on Twitter feels like subscribing to Made Up Harry Potter Facts, so I unsubscribed. I’ll get my J.K. Rowling news from retweets and headlines.


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