Why Being a Writer Is the Best

There are so many reasons why being a writer is the best. Whether you’re a fanfiction writer or a published author, you’ll relate to the ideas that I’m about to mention in this article.

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There are so many reasons why being a writer is the best. Whether you’re a fanfiction writer or a published author, you’ll relate to the ideas that I’m about to mention in this article.



One of the best (although sometimes frustrating) parts of being a writer is the desire to keep improving. As writers, we notice the flaws in our work more than anyone else, and we strive to improve with each story that we write. We notice when our sentences don’t flow well, or when a scene feels bland, or when our dialogue is a little too unnatural. In our minds, we can envision a flawless execution of our ideas, and we want nothing more than to make that flawless execution a reality.

This is why, each time that I figure out something that I didn’t know before about writing, it’s like learning a new magic trick that I can’t wait to try out. For instance, I remember finding information online once on how to “show” instead of “tell” (an essential technique for writing more immersive descriptions) and being very excited to implement the advice and see how it would transform my writing. The first time I focused on bettering my descriptions with this technique, I could feel my story start to evoke emotion, something I’d never managed to do before, and it was rewarding to see my writing improve. The desire and excitement to get better at our craft is one of the reasons why we write.

Next, being a writer is the best because you see something in stories that perhaps others don’t see. You see hope that you can create a story just like that one day. For instance, to writers, fanfiction is more than something to be consumed and enjoyed – it’s something to learn from and use as motivation to get better at what you do. When you read a beautiful piece of fanfiction (or any writing) and revel in its unique premise and poetic language, you challenge yourself to write just as well as that writer. You probably bookmark that fanfiction and go back to it when you’re stuck on your own story (with no intention of plagiarizing, of course), analyzing it in order to figure out what makes it so special and what you can do to make your story special too.

You take inspiration and learn from compelling stories that you read or watch, wanting your readers to feel the same emotions that you felt while reading or watching that same story. Or maybe you come across a story that you really dislike, and your mind automatically begins to generate reasons for why the story fell flat. Overall, as a writer, other writers’ stories feel like an extension of yourself. They can make you feel passionate and motivated to be better than you were the day before.


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Finally, being a writer is awesome because there’s no better feeling than having an immense curiosity to know how your story will turn out. When I begin a story, I often don’t plan ahead and have no idea what the main theme will be or how exactly it will end. A few opening sentences might rush to my brain, and I’ll type them out in a Word document, intrigued by the different possibilities for how the story might turn out. As a writer, even if you’ve already planned your story ahead of time, there are still plenty of unknowns ahead of you, and you can’t wait to see how your particular story will be executed. How will your characters, who have two conflicting personalities, interact with each other when they first meet? What will they say and do? How will your word choice bring the story to life and create tension and atmosphere? What will your story look and feel like once it’s actually on the page and after it’s been edited to the best of your ability? What drives you to complete your story is wanting to see that final product at the end of the entire writing process, and that anticipation is a feeling like no other.

Those were only some of the reasons why I love being a writer. Maybe you relate to some of these reasons, too. Overall, being a writer means being passionate about what you do, and that passion is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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