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Why 2020 Doesn’t Have to be Endgame for the MCU

2020 has been a rough year, to say the least. However, if you’re a fellow MCU fan like me, 2020 hasn’t been our year at all. With the entire Phase four delayed until 2021, plus Marvel’s heavy hitters like Black Widow and WandaVision slated for 2021; the MCU hit the snooze button on 2020.

Not going to lie that’s such a mood. For twelve years, we’ve been accustomed to MCU movie releases; for some fans that’s their entire life. Yet with this unexpected break, I believe it can actually be a good thing for fans. Because if we’re honest a year isn’t enough to recoup from Endgame.


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With the exception of 2009, for over a decade Marvel has been dropping at least a film a year. Now bear with me, for those who don’t love the MCU, the constant supply of superhero movies feels more like an onslaught and less of an experience. Believe me, I was over the moon excited for Phase 4- Black Widow and WandaVision alone had me sold- but it felt a bit too soon. Having a breather in between Endgame and this new phase is just what the MCU needs. These projects, and the rest in Phase four, are ushering a new era for Marvel and officially closing the chapter Tony Stark began all those years ago.

We needed time to fully appreciate, digest and comprehend, not just what happened in Endgame, but frankly everything that led to it.


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Even though Marvel skipped 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, this break inadvertently could be a good thing for the MCU. This break not only drives up the hype for their projects in 2021, but most importantly gives fans a chance to mentally prepare for a brand new phase.

Happy watching in 2021 and excelsior!


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