Who said that romantic fiction is a dying category?

The Romantic Novelist Association just announced their winners for 2012 and looking at the list one cannot help but notice how much romantic women’s fiction has changed over the years. Gone are the days when the winning and bestselling romance novels had cover images of swooning and helpless looking women in the arms of bare-chested, kilt clad Scottish heroes. The contemporary heroines are a lot feistier, smarter, and more independent and are not scared to take on new challenges, just like the writers of this genre.
Best Selling author Katie Fforde, who won the award for the best contemporary romance novelist for her book SUMMER OF LOVE, has admitted to attending a survival course while researching the winning novel.
Rosie Thomas is the winner of the best epic romantic novel for her portrayal of the multi – generational saga of a family posted to Kashmir in 1940s in KASHMIR SHAWL.  The attention to detail in this novel also shows “epic research” allowing the reader to get completely lost in this colorful but often tragic landscape.
Even thought the handsome Scots might have disappeared from the book covers, Scotland and Scots still figure largely in the reader’s imagination. No more so than in THE HIGHLANDSTORMS penned by Christina Courtney who took the top spot for the category best historical novel.
The best romantic comedy was awarded to Jane Lovering for her book,  PLEASE DON’T STOP THE MUSIC which is set in contemporary times and centers around two people who are trying to keep some pretty big secrets.
The final category created to foster future best sellers in the romance category is best young adult romance. This year DARK RIDE by Caroline Green, full of mysterious figures and secrets and set on an abandoned fairground, got the top honors in this category.
The five winners are now part of the second round  in which one of these books will be chosen as the overall winner and join the ranks of such well known  and best –selling authors  like Joanna Trollope, Philippa Gregory and Julia Gregson.
So get reading, after all there is nothing like having a little romance in your life.