Who Made You Love Reading?

I like to call myself an antique bookworm. I’m not old, I’m not sitting on a shelf, I’m definitely not worth tons of money, but I do have value. By that, I mean I have a wealth of literature knowledge that stems back to my early childhood. I was exposed to books at a very young age by my parents and then by my mom who was my kindergarten and first-grade teacher!

My love for reading has continued throughout my adult life and I have to say, if I hadn’t been introduced to books at such a young age, I might not be the antique bookworm I am today. Between being read to as a kid and picking up books on my own, I was also enjoying literary inspired TV shows and movies. The learn as you go style television of the 90s helped me to love learning as well as reading!

As I continue to be an avid reader, I often think about the books that got me hooked on reading. I loved the kid’s books my parents and grandparents read to me and once I got older, I was hooked on The Magic Tree House series, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and many others. Reading as a child helped me to grow and introduced me to new worlds. The books I read as a child allowed me to develop an imagination and obtain a broader view of the world. Through books, I met people who were different than me, who were in different situations than me, but to whom I could still relate.

So, who made me love reading? A combination of people. It began with my family, but I have to say that the authors and the characters they brought to life made me love reading. I get to meet someone new every time I pick up a book! 



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