Who is still having trouble finding the next great YA book to read..?

If you are a fan of fiction for Young Adults you better reserve a lot of reading time over the next few months because the list of great books, coming out in this genre, is simply staggering. 


Let’s start with stand-alone books or the beginnings of new series. For the fans of historical settings there is a new series coming from Libba Bray. You might be familiar with the previous books by this author which were mainly set in historical London. The new series, called The Diviners, will continue the historical theme but it will change the continent, taking us to the 1920’s New York City “where the glittering surface of the Roaring Twenties hides a mystical horror creeping across the country”
It is not a far leap from historical to some new books with more of fantastical, magical or mythological setting.  If you like these kinds of books you will be well familiar with Maggie Stiefvater, the acclaimed author of The Shiver trilogy. Her new book The Raven Boys is already getting some great early reviews from the bloggers around the world. It has been described as a story full of mysteries on epic scale and it has been praised for stunning imagery and great use of Welsh Mythology. Check out a really interesting book trailer that Maggie created herself.
Melissa Marr is another bestselling author who is just about to start a brand new series. Watch for her new book Carnival of Souls in September 2012. “With bold, original vision, bestseller Melissa Marr presents an all-new world, where pleasure and murder are for sale, identities are masked, and everyone faces a struggle for power—and survival” The story sounds like fantastical dystopia with some elements of The Hunger Games since one of the main events in this book is a yearly competition to enter the ruling class. Watch Melissa Marr talk about her new world.
There will be also lots to choose from for the fans of still wildly popular dystopian subgenre; I just want to mention four that caught my eye.


Crewel  by a debut author Gennifer Albin seems to tick all the boxes for the readers of Lauren Oliver kind of dystopian society. A singularly gifted girl trying to hide her powers in orders not to be chosen by the Guild which controls what people eat, where they live, and how many children they have … read some more here.
The Kill Order by James Dashner is not exactly a stand alone book, since it is described as a prequel to his bestselling series The Maze Runner, but it can be read separately from the existing series It is a story of “civilization’s fall that was kept under wraps and is the explication of the events that began this bestselling series”. Read the sample chapter and start counting days to August 2012.
It appears that dystopian novels are also developing another subgenre which is dealing with the dangers of science and genetics.
The husband and wife super duo of Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant, whom most of you will probably remember from their best selling Everworld and Animorphs series have written a novel Eve and Adam that has been classified as a “Genetic thriller”. The premise of this book “…and a girl created boy….” will without a doubt intrigue of a lot of readers (in particular the female ones)
The second novel that “tackles” genetics is Origin. It is a debut from a 22 year old Jessica Khoury who also added some romance and supernatural elements into her fictional, dystopian world.  It is a story about a girl who was genetically engineered in a secret facility and who escapes from it only to find a boy who… 


If you are a fan of dystopian fiction don’t forget to check our special bookshelf featuring the best of the YA dystopian novels and make sure to tell us about your favorite books that might be still missing on it.
Now, thankfully there is some respite for those who need a break from reading about about  futuristic, dysfunctional societies.


I noticed that lots of bloggers are already talking about Every Day by David Levithan and it is not surprising since the author described his own book in these words: Every Day is “a novel I wrote based on photographs my friend Jonathan Farmer gave me. I never knew which photo would come next, and he never knew what I was writing. The result is a very strange, somewhat dark, portrait of a boy on the verge of a complete breakdown.” I will just add to this that it is also a love story like you never read before.

Finally for those of you who want to stay firmly grounded in this reality I would suggest to have a look at a debut novel Pushing the Limits by KatieMcGarry. The early buzz for this book has really been great with lots of readers reporting this to be the YA novel of 2012 to read, the kind of a story that will suck you in and make you keep turn pages late into the night.
Watch for my next blog, it will talk about all the amazing YA sequels coming in the next 6 months.
And by the way, who is still having trouble finding the next great book to read…..?