Who Are the Best Game of Thrones Companions?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our interactive Facebook post, we now know which of our readers have the best chance of survival when they’re inevitably stuck on an island with the Game of Thrones characters. On Tuesday morning, we asked our readers a relatively simple question:

Here are the eight best responses we received.

1) Arya Stark

“She is a survivor. She thinks quick on her feet and knows how to survive. I could count on her to help think of how to get off the island as well as live on the island in the meantime. She would be willing to help with the work of building a shelter, spearing fish and other survival tactics. She wouldn’t give up because she has a drive, a fire that burns within her that keeps her going. She would be good conversation and has a sense of humour. She would be the ideal deserted island companion.” – Baily Darnton


2) Tyrion Lannister

“He likes books and knows things.” – Stacy Stuart


3) Brienne of Tarth

“Her loyalty, determination and resourcefulness would cause her to find a way off the Island. And she’d be an interesting and intelligent companion.” – Christine Galloway


4) Hodor

“So he can carry me around when I’m tired and we can look for a good water source together. You don’t need a door if you have someone to hold a door.” – MichaeLeslie Palma


5) Gendry

“He has done nothing but row a boat. I’m sure he could row us across an ocean.” – Jo Godfrey


6) Daenerys Targaryen

“The dragons would fly us off of that island.” – Colleen Vasconcellos


7) Samwell Tarly

“We’d be able to have long, rambling conversations about all sorts of fascinating ideas for as long as we wanted, and he would never grumble or try to tell me what to do!” – Amanda Barnes-White


8) Ghost

“He’d be loyal to me and I know he wouldn’t kill me in the night. Can’t trust any of the people in GOT!” – Lauren Crilly


*Some quotes have been altered to maintain editorial consistency*


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