Which Books Will Netflix’s ‘Unfortunate Events’ Cover?

This is not a drill! Netflix’s adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events premieres this Friday, the 13th of January. What a fitting date for the sinister and eerie project that is the Unfortunate Events. We have waited so long for this series to get an accurate and entertaining portrayal. 

According to Variety, the 8 episodes in Season One will cover the first four books in the series. With 13 books in the series, there’s a lot of information that could be left out. 

We’re hoping that Netflix does the series some justice and accurately portrays the first four books. In a nutshell, the three Baudelaire children (Violet, Klaus and Sunny) are left orphans as their parents perish in a fire. They are shipped to a distant relative – Count Olaf who turns out to be a total kook. Through a series of unfortunate events (see what I did there?), they travel from relative to relative trying to escape Olaf, but he keeps finding them, trying to steal their fortune!  

1) The Bad Beginning

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As we open on the tale of the Baudelaire children, we realize how miserable it will be for them. Lemony Snicket specifically tells readers that they should read a more light-hearted story, but of course we did not put the book down. The Baudelaires are sent to live with their distant relative, Count Olaf, and the children soon realize that they will not be safe with him. From treating them like servants, to attempting to marry Violet for their money, The Bad Beginning is certainly that. 


2) The Reptile Room

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From Olaf’s place, the Baudelaire’s are sent to live with Uncle Monty who studies unique reptiles. Olaf soon creeps up on them dressed as Stephano and fools everyone but the children into thinking he’s there to help Monty. 


3) The Wide Window 

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From Monty’s place, the children travel to Aunt Josephine’s rickety and cold house that overlooks Lake Lachrymose. Once again, Olaf appears as Captain Sham -no joke, that’s his name- and tricks Aunt Josephine, but not the children. The ending is pretty crazy. 


4) The Miserable Mill

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In the final book that the season will cover, the Baudelaires are sent to Lucky Smells Lumbermill under the guardianship of ‘Sir’. Lo and behold, Olaf is disguised again, this time as Shirley, the receptionist. The mill is a place where Klaus gets into a lot of trouble and the children, once again, have to escape the clutches of Olaf. 



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