Hogwarts Express

When Literary Creations Become Real

When reading a book, we’re able to escape reality and journey to another world. From fantasy to fiction to poetry, authors invent people, places, and things that are unique to the story and set the scene. What we bookworms love about the world inside books is the way the author is able to take us to somewhere we’ve never been. Even if the world feels familiar, it’s still new. These literary creations are what makes reading enjoyable. With the turn of a page, we become explorers in a new world – finding new objects, meeting new people, and taking trips to places we’ve never been.

Fictional worlds brought to real life serve as a testament to the author and a celebration of the work they have created and shared with us. When The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up at Universal Studios, Potterheads from around the globe flocked to the streets of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Just being able to walk through a fantastical place – in real life – brought fans together. 

For example, “there are apparently 67 streets in [Shakespeare’s] home town of Stratford alone that reference his plays and characters.” In London, “Charles Dickens’s work provided inspiration for Dorrit Street, Little Dorrit Court, Copperfield Street and Nickleby House” and others, and every street in the Dutch town of Geldrop is named after something from Lord of the Rings

Image courtesy of The Huffington Post

From creating a real life sword of Gryffindor, to opening a Wizard of Oz theme park, finding literary creations in real life makes us even more excited about books than we already are. Whenever we read, we imagine ourselves in the world we read about, but sometimes, we’re lucky enough to actually go there. 



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