What’s On Your Bookshelf?

Welcome to #BookShelfie, your weekly look into beautiful bookshelves and the books that live there. Every week we will profile authors, Bookstr staff members, and even you, audience members, with a peek at our bookshelves and what we keep on them.

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Week #1: Jamie Gottlieb, Assistant to the CEO of Bookstr

What’s the story behind your bookshelf?

I like to pretend that I don’t judge books by their covers, but often I am drawn to books worth displaying. I was inspired by a friend who had these floating bookshelves in her room and decided to buy a couple of my own.

Do you organize your bookshelf in any specific way?

I mostly arranged these by size so they would balance evenly on the shelves.

Have you read every book on this shelf? If not, which have you not read?

I just got Swing Time by Zadie Smith from Book of the Month Club and You’ll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein from our office, both of which I’m super excited to read. I had to display them before reading because their cover games are on point. I have been stuck in the middle of Wine for Dummies for a while [more on that later].

What’s your favorite book on this shelf?

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen is a book I will lend out to share the brilliance, but will not let it go unreturned. Bossypants by Tina Fey is pretty much one of my religious texts. I had to tech a school play at the end of college, and I whispered excerpts over the headset to everyone on the tech crew to entertain.

What’s a good story behind one of the books on this shelf?

My friend, Andrew Ridker, published a poetry anthology a couple of years ago, so that’s up here. It’s a cool feeling to have a tangible, published work with a friend’s name on it. He is in the process of hopefully publishing a novel, so I’ll buy that as well. 

Are there any books you’re embarrassed to have on here?

I own a copy of Wine for Dummies I haven’t gotten through. I’ve been on chapter six for two and a half years now. I keep it up there to remind myself I’m still a dummy about wine but also to judge myself a little for being that bougie.

What do you wish you had on your bookshelf?

Phoebe Robinson’s You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain is number one on my wish-list. I read really quickly so I tend to buy books on my e-reader, but I buy old-fashioned copies of books that are important to me.