Ned and Jon

What’s in a Name? According to New Jon Snow Theory, a Freaking LOT

In the context of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow might be the most boring name ever. He shares his last name with every other bastard in Westeros. His first name is just as bland. Really, you’re going with Jon?


Observant redditor duh_metrius might have just discovered a new level of depth in Jon Snow’s name. Here’s the theory:


I know this has probably already occurred to everybody, but I was thinking about how Ned named his three sons after people who were close to him. Robb is named after Robert Baratheon, Bran is named after Ned’s brother Brandon, and Rickon is named after Ned’s father. But then I remembered that Jon is named after Jon Arryn, the man who wasn’t Ned’s father, but raised him like a son. That’s a really beautiful detail.


We now know Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen, but Jon Snow doesn’t seem so bland now. Eddard was such a nice guy. What a sensitive soul he was, naming his nephew after the man who raised him. The sheer level of tenderness in Eddard makes your head spin.



Feature Image Via HBO