What’s Ahead for Season 2 of ‘Nancy Drew’

The first season of the CW’s Nancy Drew was filled with supernatural beings, murder mysteries, and even some family drama.

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The first season of the CW‘s Nancy Drew, had so many twists and turns. It was filled with supernatural beings, murder mysteries, and even some family drama. What more could be in store for season two? Acoording to a Youtube video where the creators, showrunners, and stars came together to discuss the show, a lot.

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After the season 1 finale, with Nancy, and the Drew Crew being haunted by the aglaeca, which they thought they were rid of. So, more explanation and exploring the supernatural behind the aglaeca to come next season. There will also be more on the big dad bomb that Nancy is still coming to terms with. Ryan Hudson, the man Nancy believed murdered his wife Tiffany, has been revealed to be …Spoiler Alert!.. Nancy’s biological father! She is also the biological daughter of Lucy Sable, who committed suicide right after Nancy was born. More of that will be explored in the upcoming season because where the show left off, Nancy and her dad, Carson Drew, aren’t on the best terms, and the showrunners want them to be on good terms as portrayed in the book series.


Co-Creator Noga Landau stated that the relationship between Nancy and her dad will be a long journey. Landau also has everyone waiting to see the story behind Ace. Ace is a devoted friend, but he has secrets of his own, and according to Landau, his story will be explored eventually. Fingers crossed we learn more about Ace in season 2! One of my personal wishes for season 2 is for Nancy and Nick to get back together, but as of now the relationship between George and Nick is another thing that will be explored in the new season.

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So buckle up and be prepared for more natural and supernatural mysteries, and more of Nancy and the Drew crew, because there is so much more story left to be told.

In the meantime, catch up with season 1 right here.

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