What the New ‘Riverdale’ Trailer Reveals About Season Four

Last night, Riverdale creator and writer, Roberto Acquirre-Sacasa released the trailer for season four of the hit teenage drama. The cast soon starting sharing the trailer, each on their own social media profiles, as fans anxiously sift through the short video to try to figure out the fates of their favorite character. After the shocking and ambiguous end to season three, the trailer hints at a few plot lines we can look forward to when the angsty, beloved show returns on October 9th.


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If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, watch it here now.



The trailer opens with a gaggle of characters walking through the woods screaming “Jughead!” This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the season finale wanted to make us believe that Jughead was dead and Betty, Archie and Veronica killed him. It appears now he has gone missing. Oh Jughead, always getting yourself into near-death situations. Nothing new.



The trailer then jumps back presumably to the core four looking ahead to their senior year of high school. The year promises to be filled with dark secrets, crime scenes, Betty getting hit in the head and Veronica dancing in lingerie. So far, everything appears just as it should. We get glimpses of Toni and Cheryl looking happy as normal (thank god!). The trailer hints at sex scenes between Archie and Veronica, which was to be expected despite no one asking for them. We even see Betty and Jughead getting it on a few times. At least Jughead hasn’t gone missing just yet. We also barely see any of Kevin. Again, nothing new.


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The trailer ends the same way as it begins- with a manhunt to find Jughead. This new season seems to remain true to the beloved Riverdale troupe of following one dark storyline while littering sex and relationships alongside. This new horror storyline seems to take a true crime approach with an unknown female gunmen stalking Betty at one moment.



The season promises a build-up to Jughead’s disappearance followed by that chilling scene that ended season three with Betty, Archie and Veronica burning their clothes and Jughead’s hat. In true Riverdale fashion, we have a lot more shocks, songs and sex to look forward to from the beloved comic book characters that writers and producers molded and mutilated. Whether you love to hate watch or truly just want to know what happens next, season four will struggle to set itself apart from past seasons of Riverdale, yet keep the same themes and drama that we cannot help but love to indulge in.



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