Faulkner House Books

What Makes This Bookstore So Great? Only That William Faulkner Lived There

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ll agree that there are few things better than spending an afternoon wandering around a bookstore. I can think of one thing better: wandering around a bookstore housed in the former apartment of none other than William Faulkner himself.


Faulkner House Books is located at 624 Pirate’s Alley in the middle of the famous French Quarter in New Orleans. Faulkner lived in the first floor apartment for six months starting in 1925. He wrote his first novel Soldier’s Pay here.


The bookstore opened over twenty-seven years ago on September 25th, William Faulkner’s birthday.  Faulkner House Books sells new and used books, including rare editions by Faulkner himself as well as other famous writers, particularly Southern authors such as Tennessee Williams and Flannery O’Connor.


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Image Via Ann Cavitt Fisher


Joseph J. DeSalvo, Jr. and his wife Rosemary James own the store. When they’re not working, they live upstairs. Along with W. Kenneth Holditch, they also cofounded The Pirates Alley Faulkner Society. In an interview with College of Charleston Magazine, James said, “We decided that we were trustees of part of the Faulkner heritage and part of New Orleans literary heritage, and that we had an obligation to share the building with others.”


Faulkner House Books has also been described as America’s most charming bookstore. Basically, there’s no good reason not to visit it, so if you’re ever near New Orleans, make sure you stop by and step through a piece of literary history.


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