Arya and the Waif

What Does Maisie Williams Really Think of THAT Fan Theory?

Back in season six, Arya Stark had a bit of a run in with the Waif (Faye Marsay). You might remember the moment, the Waif stabbed our sweet heroine in the stomach, before she into the water. Later, we see her suspiciously fine. This caused some fans to believe that from that point onward, Arya wasn’t actually Arya.


Maisie Williams told Digital Spy just how ridiculous she finds the theory, saying

People thought Arya was the Waif, which was sad. It’s just me. I feel like now the show has been going for a while, they like to think of really crazy things, but that’s just what humans do. We’re just curious.


Arya Stark

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With the upcoming final season on the (far) horizon, the cast has been given their final scripts. “It’s just strange as it’s everything I’ve ever known, but also any interview I ever do ends up talking about this show and where it’s going and what’s going to happen, and this is it: I know what’s going to happen,” teased the actress. 


Williams has compared spoiling the final season to ruining Christmas, so don’t expect her to share any spoilers anytime soon.


Featured Image Via the New York Times.