What Are Your Reading Goals for 2017?

Wherever you are in the world, the new year often brings feelings of starting anew. We will leave 2016 behind and hopefully make 2017 a better year. We often form resolutions to make us be better than the year before. As readers, we pride ourselves on reading everything we can get our hands on, but sometimes, we fall short. Sometimes we pick up books that we never finish, we don’t make enough time to read during the day, we may spend too much money on books, or we never even visit a bookstore or library. These reading setbacks are what’s helping us making our resolutions for 2017. 

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Here are our 2017 Reading Resolutions: 
1) To stop buying books and not reading them. For every book I buy, I need to read two that I already own.
2) I want to read 2 books a month, minimum, and also get more books from the library. I also want to read more genres (I tend to only read popular fiction, but i want to read philosophy and some classics, unless I get bored of them). 
3) Visit more libraries and bookstores, even if I don’t get anything. Just the feeling of being in one boosts my need to read!
4) There are times when I can make time to read, but I don’t. I need to prioritize books over TV. 
What are your reading resolutions?
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