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Were the Dursleys Actually…Nice? Daniel Radcliffe Weighs In On Weird Fan Theory

Though it has been twenty years, yes twenty years, since the first Harry Potter book was released and sixteen years since the first adaptation premiered, our passion for Hogwarts and its magical inhabitants has not dwindled a bit.


There is no shortage of love for the Harry Potter book and film series, and there is certainly no shortage of theories surrounding the franchise either. From theories over whether or not Harry and Hermione should have ended up together to theories on whether or not J.K. Rowling actually exists (God, I hope she does), fans love to challenge what we think we already know.


An ever-growing theory that stirred debate a few years ago hypothesized the true reason why Harry Potter’s adoptive aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, were so horrible to him. If you recall, Harry is considered one of the last Horcrux’s created by Lord Voldemort. A horcrux can draw out negative emotions of people in close proximity.


According to the theory, since Harry Potter is considered a horcrux, his nature is what caused the Dursleys to treat him in such a negative way, not their own personal biases. While Harry’s friends didn’t appear to be affected though they spent plenty of time together, the Dursleys lived in close proximity to him for years and could have been more vulnerable.



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Does it sound far-reaching? Not according to Daniel Radcliffe.


The actor, who won us over with his magical portrayal of the young wizard, responded to the theory in an interview with Huffington Post.


While he supposedly hadn’t heard the theory before, he found it “interesting” and quite plausible, saying


Yeah, that’s definitely the first time I’ve heard that one. It’s definitely interesting because it sort of posits a world where these people only known to be a certain way. Actually if you remove him from the situation, [the Dursleys] would have been quite a nice, friendly family.



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While Aunt Petunia’s natural scowl makes me believe she, along with her husband and son, were quite miserable from the start, I kind of wish the theory was true.


In the world of Hogwarts, where even the most annoying characters, and seriously misunderstood characters, can find redemption, the possibility that the Dursleys were another misunderstood trio is a nice thought.


Regardless, the theory is probably wrong. J.K. Rowling, who has been quite open with fans since the series concluded, hasn’t hinted at the validity of this theory. In fact, in a post on Pottermore, she confirmed what we already knew, which is that the Dursley’s horrible mistreatment of Harry stems from the “prejudice” and “ignorant” mind-set of the family. 


While it seems to be simple wishful thinking, this theory is still pretty nice.


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