We’re Obsessed with Veronica Roth’s Newest Audiobook—Here’s Why

Earlier this month, Veronica Roth—the beloved author of the Divergent series and Carve the Mark—released her first adult book. Cue the fangirling.

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Earlier this month, Veronica Roth—the beloved author of the Divergent and Carve the Mark series—released her first adult book. Cue the fangirling.

You’ve probably read numerous stories about heroes and heroines saving the world from evil. In the end, the good guys win, the bad guy is defeated once and for all, and peace is restored through all the land. But what happens after this fairytale ending? How do our favorite heroes cope with the horrors they’ve endured? 

Taking place ten years after the defeat of “the Dark One”—a nefarious being whose ability to wield magic in the form of catastrophic events known as “Drains”—Chosen Ones gets real about PTSD.


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The Chosen Ones, five individuals prophesied to defeat the Dark One as teenagers, are older now—but continue to feel the effects of the Dark One’s havoc. Sloane, in particular, wants nothing to do with the past and largely stays out of the public eye. She has enough problems dealing with her PTSD and lingering nightmares of the Dark One without news outlets picking apart her every move. 

The others—Matt, Esther, Ines, and Albie—are all dealing with their own demons, in their own ways. But after the death of one of their own, the team realizes that there’s more to the past—and the Dark One—than they realized.



The raw vulnerability of this book, paired with Roth’s smooth storytelling and deeply-developed characters, is something you won’t want to miss. Sloane is relatable in the best way possible, reminding readers that no one, not even a Chosen One, can be strong all the time. In addition, her conversations with the others around PTSD and therapy show that there is no uniform response to trauma. Rather, each of the Chosen Ones deals with it in their own, unique way.

The book takes place in an alternative North America. But Roth’s rich world-building, characteristic of Divergent, is still present in the book as she weaves elements of our real world into her fictional one. There are racial biases against Matt, one of the Chosen Ones; white supremacists trying to resurrect the Dark One and purify the world; monuments built in honor of the Dark One’s defeat; and those obsessed with gaining magic for themselves. Roth’s story feels real, drawing readers even deeper into the Chosen Ones’ reality. 



Given the current state of the world, getting your hands on a physical book isn’t as easy as it used to be. Now’s the perfect time to turn to Audible for your literary needs. Their audiobooks are not only easily accessible, but also hands-free, meaning you can go about your daily chores, workout, or drive to the grocery store—all while delving into the world of Chosen Ones.


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The Chosen Ones audiobook features the highly-talented Dakota Fanning, who perfectly captures Sloane’s angsty persona. Each chapter is broken up by news clippings, interviews, and other accounts of the Chosen Ones as newly-recruited teenagers, giving listeners a look into the past without the info dumping. 

Audible allows you to get your first audiobook FREE. After that, you can sign up with their monthly subscription of $14.95 a month, where you’ll get one credit to use towards a book of your choice and access to Audible Originals. 

If you loved Roth’s past works, this Umbrella Academy-esque fiction won’t disappoint!

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