Welcome to the Librarian Olympics

Forget the suspicious green pools, doping scandals, and the rickety bike routes in Rio. Another set of Olympics are closer than you think, and may even be occurring in your own city. Welcome to the Librarian Olympics, where the contestants keep to the books and everyone is a gold medal winner. It’s a fun idea to tandem the Rio2016 rah-rah fight-fight frenzy, and an awesome way to support your community book culture.

Not all of us were born with a Phelps swimmer bod or Simone Biles’ balance precision. Some of us are better at journal jenga, journal toss, cart racing, book balancing, speed sporting, and scavenger hunts – all of which were Olympic challenges at Dayton’s inaugural contest.

Teams were randomly assigned and moved through the circuit of events.

Journal jenga

Speed sorting

The final challenge came with the help of Twitter. Contestants, given a list of 25 Library of Congress call numbers, had to run around campus to find corresponding objects. Once found, they had to take pictures of their finds and upload them to Twitter with the hashtag #udlibpic.

“As a self-proclaimed indoor cat and non-athlete,” participant Katy Kelly shared on the university blog, “I thoroughly enjoyed Library Olympics (and not just because my team won, but yeah, OK, that was awesome). All libraries should take pause and turn programming creativity inward. Library Olympics allowed us to work with new people and engage in some friendly and competitive games. It took a lot of work on the professional development team’s part, and they did a great job (no scandals were reported at Library Olympics).”

Congrats gold medalists!

Images courtesy Programming Librarian.