Bookshelf slanted

Welcome to the Home That Was Designed Around a Bookshelf

These Japanese homeowners are so committed to their books that they designed their entire house around keeping them safe. Their enormous wall-to-wall bookshelf is specifically engineered to withstand earthquakes.


Slanted wall

Image Via Shinsuke Fujii


The bookshelf leans inward, so if an earthquake shakes things up, it won’t shake the books off. It’s a simple idea, but it’s a quirky request for your architect. The homeowners asked for an earthquake-proof bookshelf specifically. The architects at Shinsuke Fujii then had to design the Yokohama City house around this request. The firm stated, “By setting the walls [at a slant], it also expands the space [of the] living room.”


This is kind of funny too. The bookshelf is so enormous that you would ordinarily need a ladder to reach the top. However, it’s slanted just enough that you can simply climb up the lower shelves. Not only does that tidy things up, it also surely makes readers feel a bit like adventurers.


Slanted booksehlf

Image Via Shinsuke Fujii Architects


Because the bookshelf had to be built on a slant, the entire outside of the house looks like it’s lurching over. The homeowners probably have a pretty good sense of humor, or at least some seriously quirky sensibilities. From the outside it looks like the house was designed by some architects with a truly unique vision. But, really, it just looks that way because there’s an earthquake-proof bookshelf inside. Can you even comprehend the degree to which these people love their books?


Slanted house

Image Via Shinsuke Fujii Architects


Feature Image Via Spoon & Tamago