We Made LeVar Burton Fly

Remember LeVar Burton? He hosted the wonderful, informative TV show, “Reading Rainbow”. He was an excellent, beloved teacher who brought on celebrities to help us understand reading. Many bookworms owe their love of reading to LeVar. The first episode aired in 1983 and the last aired in 2006. We mourned that year.

In a moment of nostalgia, we decided to bring back LeVar Burton and “Reading Rainbow”- through a popular meme. 

As a literature-loving community, this is our take on the meme: Obviously, it has to do with books! 

The Shooting Stars meme came from a song by Bag Raiders, “Shooting Stars”. Know Your Meme claims that “the first known use of the track in a meme context was of a crude animation uploaded to YouTube by Glaceygirl on December 29th, 2015.” The meme gained popularity after “the track was paired with a video of CGI gorillas dancing as a parody tribute to Harambe,” in 2017.

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